Good Bye Yahoo

Hello everyone… Long time no see. How are you? I hope you all in good condition…

This year 2020, maybe the worst year for almost people and countries in the world. Covid 19 or we usually call it corona viruses make everything looks bad. We can’t going freely like usual, can’t hang out, even just for vacation… This virus make a lot people lost their life, it’s like a “ghosts” haunt everyone and spreading fear everywhere.

Sometimes I asking to myself, why this is happen? Maybe human sins make this happened or something else. A lot of company going bankrupt, a lot of people lost their job, and feel frustrated about their life.

I wish this pandemi will be gone as soon as possible. Because the damage are so bad. It hit almost a whole of economic issues , health issues, crime, and trust…

Today, when I see a news. That’s inform about yahoo. Yes, yahoo will close their business. How about email in yahoo? They said it still running until December 2020.

You know, yahoo is a big company. And now, because changing of trend and pandemi make their company close.

Many memories about Yahoo, I still remembered when I try using Yahoo messenger, Yahoo global chat, and many mores. And also email with my best friend. There’s a lot sweet memory in there…

But… We need to say…

Good bye Yahoo, thanks for everything.

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